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UltraSnap Pro v2.3 RUSСофт

UltraSnap Pro - Это очень удобный инструмент захвата изображений, легкий на подъем и со множеством функций. Вот, что пишут авторы программы:
От Авторов:
Мы выпустили новую Профессиональную версию нашего популярного инструмента захвата экрана и изображений буфера обмена. В отличие от любых других похожих инструментов, UltraSnapPro комбинирует гладкий сбор данных экрана и функциональные возможности буфера обмена с полным соответствием, полного режима графического редактирования.

Вы больше не должны открыть ваше программное обеспечение редактирования изображения, чтобы добавить заголовки или аннотации, курсоры, стрелки или скомбинировать многократные сборы данных экрана в одно изображение. Фактически Ультраизюминка, часто производит лучше и более легкий результат чем ваша программа редактирования изображения.

UltraSnap PRO имеет полное неразрывное редактирование, с мульти сглаживанием для прекрасного вывода, с тенями, скашиванием объектов и больше.
Также другие инструменты могут утверждать продвинутость. UltraSnap PRO - реальная вещь, только испытайте, и вам обязательно понравится.

UltraSnap PRO 2.3 is now fully VISTA compatible.
(XP, 2000, VISTA)


We have released a new Professional version of our popular screen capture and image clipboard tool. Unlike any other simillar tools, UltraSnapPro combines slick screen capture and clipboard functionality with a complete WYSIWYG graphic editing.

You no longer have to open your image editing software to add captions or annotations, cursors, arrows or combine multiple screen captures into one image. In fact UltraSnap PRO often produces better and easier result than your image editing program.

UltraSnap PRO has full non-destructive editor, with multiple anti-aliasing for perfect output, with shadows, bevels, placeable objects and more.
Ssome other tools may also claim advanced editing only to produce output no better than a windows paint program. UltraSnap PRO is the real thing, just spin it for a test drive and you will love it.

Our UltraSnap was originally written for the internal purpose, to speed up process of creating multimedia presentations, training, manuals and web pages and to simplify sending digital photos by e-mail. Because it performed beyond any expectations we decided to make it available for public.

There are thousands of uses for a smart screen capture around the office. We use UltraSnap extensively for many years (this whole site and all images in our manuals use it) and the software has been perfected over the time (the great benefit of using our own tools). It has at hand the tools that you need most and all workflow is streamlined without much clicking around. Press Hot-key to capture image, adjust the size, the sharpness, add drop shadow, add a text below the image...(see the flower picture). The best thing is that the effects are like a properties. Once you set them you don't have to repeat these steps for the next image again! The next image you capture will automatically have applied the resizing, sharpness and all effects. This is a huge time-saver for number of simillar screen captures.

Professional Screen Capture

You have all the tools to capture part or whole screen, even on multiple monitor desktops. You can capture any region, window or any window object (buttons, toolbars...) or whole screen. You can also zoom-in during region capture to grab the exact pixels. (right click during region screen capture).
Use Repeat Last to grab the same region from screen like last time. You can also include cursor during capture or you can add cursor later to your capture.
Define your own System-Wide Hot-Keys for the screen capture tools and leave the UltraSnap always running in the Tray. It is ready when you need it.

Clipboard Pipe

The resut image you see in UltraSnap is simultaneously available in the clipboard and ready to be pasted in your application. You can change all the effects and properties (size, sharpness, effects, photo filters..) on the very same captured mage as much as you want back and forth because of its non-destructive editing.

Full WYSIWYG Editing

The new PRO version adds a whole new meaning to the phrase "smart screen capture". With a click of a button you switch to the new editing mode where you can capture more images to create a composition from multiple screen captures, add various texts, cursors, arrows, draw lines or curves etc. Each object can be then customized with drop shadow, transparency, color, bevel, glow, resized, rotated, even apply perspective transformation. The result is sharp and professional because UltraSnap PRO uses combination of vector and bitmap anti-aliasing in its editor.

Multiple Projects

On top of this, in PRO you can work on multiple "projects" at the same time. Still working on one capture, but quickly need to do another one? Or do you want to try few captures in a row, then decide which one to keep? Click New and you can start working on a different capture without disturbing the previous one, then simply switch back when you need to.

This may not look like a big deal, but the fact that you can work simultaniously on few captures in composite editing mode and/or in the "single capture" mode, each with its own properties opens a whole new dimension into the capturing.

Automatic capture formatting.

Do you need to have all your captures with nice drop shadow? Do you want to resize each capture to fit into web page? And what about to sharpen each image a bit?

You don't have to process the images separately. Just tell UltraSnap what you need and it will do it for you!

UltraSnap has also Multiple-Monitors support for multiple video cards or cards such as Matrox DualHead.
Warning: UltraSnap is very addictive. Once you start using it you will never look back.

Since the UltraSnap PRO combines the most often used tools for web and multimedia designers, manual writers or just home users in one software there are hundreds of use for it.

This tool can save you days of your time!


* Working on multimedia project....You are designing the screens in your favorite graphics editor and all the time you need to transfer some button or some image to the multimedia authoring software. With capturing software you can easily do this without the need of intermediate files. Just create the whole scene in the graphics editor and then capture the desired region directly from the editor screen and paste it in the multimedia authoring software. We did few big projects like that and it saves huge amount of time.
* At work your boss need a lot of screen captures, but you need to resize all the captures by 25%, then they become a bit blurry, so you have to apply sharpening filter, the result must be saved as a JPG...job for few hours? No, UltraSnap can do all this automatically, just press HotKey- and on that moment you have the result on disk.
* Building a web page...and you want to have all the captures with drop shadow. Nothing easier....
* You want to take a snapshot of your calculation and add a description text, arrows pointing to different parts etc.
* You want to send some of your digital camera images to your friend by e-mail but they are too big. You can start some Image Editing program, load the capture, resize , sharpen, change Gamma, save it with different name and then drag it to the E-mail client. Not any more with UltraSnap!
* You just need quick image or a nice title while building your web site. Do it from scratch: Create new project and then click Editing Mode. Be creative, then click Finish Editing. The image is now in clipboard but you can also export it to many formats.

"UltraSnap is a slick screen-capture tool with several unique post-capture editing functions that set it apart from similar utilities. "
ZDNet 5 stars

UltraSnap PRO 2.3 is now fully VISTA compatible.
(XP, 2000, VISTA)

* 01/05/08: UltraSnamp 2.3 is now fully VISTA compatible
* 10/2/05: UltraSnap PRO 2.15, added few things and fixes
* 10/2/05: UltraSnap PRO improves the original UltraSnap by adding full WYSIWYG editing mode and many other enhancements
* Check list of features!
* The PRO version is just $38
* A Help files will be posted shortly!

Single Capture mode works like a clipboard pipe.
You capture image and the selected properties are applied to it automatically, then the image is sent to clipboard.

By clicking on Edit button the UltraSnap PRO will switch to a full editing mode.
Here you can add text, arrows, cursors bubbles, apply detailed effects like drop-shadow, transparency or continue to add multiple captures to one image...

There are many cursors and different arrows to make your screen capture look alive.
You can see above some of the unique features being applied: Multiple captures, Magnifier object, different descriptive cursors, arrows, shadows etc.

* Full Editing Mode
* Ability to capture multiple images into one composite image with full control
* Multiple simultaneous projects at the same time
* Many placeable cursors and objects
* Cool Magnifying Lens function

Своё Спасибо, еще не выражали..
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     Оставили отзывов 3 | Просмотров: 868 | Автор: ACDC3 | 14 октября 2008 | Перезалейте

      mik88lev ()    (15 октября 2008 10:14)

    Коментов: 2756 Коментов
    Очки: 185
    Не пробовал данный продукт,пользуюсь Snagit 9 и вполне доволен.

      fevralskiy ()    (18 октября 2008 03:21)

    Коментов: 350 Коментов
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    Как по мне - нет лучше Super Screen Capture™ Pro!!!
      crazybobofan ({userstatus})    (14 ноября 2008 10:16)

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